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Galteemore in Music and Song   Website dedicated to all things named Galtymore or Galtee More 

There is no doubt that the name Galteemore is used in many songs and many pieces of music.  I expect the readers of this site will help to make these pages grow and I simply offer a few examples of places where the wonderful mountain is remembered in song and music.


HUMOURS OF GALTYMORE, THE. AKA - “Humours of Galteemore.” AKA and see “The Galtee Rangers.” Irish, Reel. G Major. Globestyle Irish CDORBD 085, Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford - “The Rushy Mountain” (1994. Reissue of Topic recordings). Topic - “Kerry Fiddles.” RTE/Topic - “Denis Murphy: Music from Sliabh Luachra.”  


X:46 T:Galtee Ranger, The T:Humours of Galteemore, The T:Callaghan's R:reel H:Similar to "The Blackberry Blossom", #117 Z:id:hn-reel-46 M:C| K:D AF~F2 FEDE|~F3E F2dB|AF~F2 FEDE|1 FBBA FEEF:|2 F2EG FDD2|| ~A3B AF~F2|ABde fe~e2|fedc BcdB|ABde fedB| ~A3B AGFG|ABde fe~e2|fedc BcdB|ABde fedB||



The song 'On the Galteemore Mountains'  by the Grehan Sisters is mentioned on a couple of websites but I have not yet found the lyrics for it. 


Below is an extract from http://www.mustrad.org.uk/vop/notes78.htm

11  The Glen of Atherlow played on the fiddle by Lucy Farr, Elland, Yorkshire, 1976.  Roud 983, Laws J11.

Text written by Charles Joseph Kickham (1828 - 1882), who based it on a true story of one Patrick Sheehan who was blinded at Sebastopol.  Sheehan was lated jailed for begging in Grafton Street, Dublin, his British army pension having expired after six months.  Kickham’s poem was first published in 1857.

There is a recording by Joe Heaney (Topic TSCD518D).  Joe’s opening verse runs:

My name is Patrick Sheehan, my years are thirty-four.
Tipperary is my native home not far from Galteemore.
I came of honest parents, but now they are lying low,
And its many a happy day I spent in the glen of Aherlow.



Below is a verse from Christy Moore's The pursuit of Farmer Michael Hayes


They broke their brogues a thousand pairs this great reward for to obtain, Still their search was all in vain for farmer Michael Hayes. They searched Tipperary o'er and o'er, the cornfields near Galteemore, They then went into Wexford town but did not long delay.



This DVD of Big Tom and the Mainliners was recorded at the Galtymore dancehall in Cricklewood, London.

S.S. Galtee More

Galtymore DVD from Big Tom and the Mainliners

Galtee More Horse.jpg (86272 bytes) 

'The Grey Wolf of Galtymore' by Joseph E Chipperfield

Engine number ???? The Galtee More

S.S 'Galtee More'

'Galtymore' DVD

'Galtee More' Horse

'Dog from Galtymore'

Engine 'Galtee More'



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