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S.S. Galtee More                        Website dedicated to all things named Galtymore or Galtee More 

  • This seems to be the most famous 'Galtee More' ship.  As the picture says, it operated as a passenger ship for London and North Western Railway company on a couple of different routes across the Irish Sea. Smoke billowing from the stack is clear indication that it was a Steam Ship which gives it the name S.S Galtee More. It was built by William Denny & Brothers Ltd, shipbuilders and marine engineers, Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland in 1898 and was probably named after the racehorse Galtee More which had triumphed in several major races the previous year.

Postcards of the SS Galtee More can still occasionally be had for a few euros on eBay.

Name Year Tons Operator Builder Info
SS Galtee More 1898 1105 L&NWR London and North Western Railways Denny Bros Holyhead-Dublin. In 1915 she also operated on the Weymouth/Channel Islands service, and would often be a stand in on the Stranraer/Larne route. 1921 cargo only. Scrapped in 1926

Information above from www.anglesey.info

  • In 1944 the American Navy had a Landing Ship (infantry) listed as  'Galtee More' but I can find little information on it.

Cruising Holiday Ireland.  Hire a Cruiser Ireland.  Cruising the Shannon in Ireland. 
Rent a cruiser on the Shannon

  • Apparently there was also a ship called the Galtee but we are really more interested in  'Galtee More'.  This snippet from an online forum: 

iron hull
ON 63380 565grt 182.5 x 25.4 x 10.6ft 70nhp screw
blt 1881 South Shields

1900 registered Llanelly
(in 1920) The Torbryan Steamship Co Ltd (mng: Alexander Blackater, Glasgow)


  • This looks like another Galtymore:  Galtymore 1919 ex- War Sable , 1919 purchased from the Shipping Controller renamed Galtymore, 1927 sold to Max Morck, Hamburg renamed Lisa, 1929 sold to HAPAG renamed Taunus. 4,565 
    (from theshipslist.com)


S.S. Galtee More

Galtymore DVD from Big Tom and the Mainliners

Galtee More Horse.jpg (86272 bytes) 

'The Grey Wolf of Galtymore' by Joseph E Chipperfield

Engine number ???? The Galtee More

S.S 'Galtee More'

'Galtymore' DVD

'Galtee More' Horse

'Dog from Galtymore'

Engine 'Galtee More'




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