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This is the only book we can find with the name 'Galtymore' in the title. Apart, of course, from the many books that mention Galtymore, Galtee More and the Galtees in the context of walking, hiking and climbing. Perhaps this better qualifies under the Galtymore Dogs category but we simply could not pass up the opportunity of another web page.


The Grey Dog from Galtymore was written by Joseph E, Chipperfield in 1961.  Apparently, Chipperfield was the pseudonym of John Eland Craig a prolific author who wrote many books on a dog related theme. He also wrote a highly regarded book in 1956 on the Titanic called The Story of a Great Ship; The Birth and Death of the Titanic Steamer 

Little information is available about Joseph E Chipperfield and any such information would be most welcome. It is not known if he had any connection with Ireland or Galtymore.  Perhaps he heard friends talk of hikes in the great  mountain and was captivated by the name. This is one of the uses of the name that seems to be derived directly from the Mountain rather than indirectly from the racehorse's name.

We look forward to being bombarded with book titles that mention the famous mountain peak.

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S.S. Galtee More

Galtymore DVD from Big Tom and the Mainliners

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'The Grey Wolf of Galtymore' by Joseph E Chipperfield

Engine number ???? The Galtee More

S.S 'Galtee More'

'Galtymore' DVD

'Galtee More' Horse

'Dog from Galtymore'

Engine 'Galtee More'





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