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  •       Galtee More House Surgery, Doncaster Road, Barnsley, South Yorks S70 1UD also has a  
  •        Galtee More nursing home registered. The proprietors are  Dr. G. and Dr. Z. Khan.
  •        Galtee More Residential Home is found at, 12 Bank Square, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0DG
  •        Galtymore Pharmacy is at 131 Galtymore Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12
  •        Galtymore CONSULTING LTD seems to be an Irish company.
  •            A farm in  Beckhampton near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England is named Galtee More and we   would  enjoy finding out how it got its name!

  • Sunbury, Victoria, Australia, has a Galteemore Gardens Bed & Breakfast

  • RONALD ALFRED. ESTATE NO: 12103/01. * 04/11/1933. ID: 331104 5005 087. + 15/07/2001.          SURVIVING     SPOUSE: MARY NORA NATALIE ATKINSON, * 31/10/1940. ID: 401031 0048 082. LAST      ADDRESS: 126 GALTEEMORE STREET, MALVERN, JOHANNESBURG.
  •  GALTYMORE MEDIA Anaheim, CA 92806, USA was created in 2003 as an outlet for the creative activities of Denis Donovan, a long time journalist, documentary producer and transplant rights activist.  With over 30 hours of recent programming to his credit including: Millennium And Beyond  (2X60) (2004 Release), Tazio Nuvolari: A Need For Speed  (1X60) (2004 Release), Atlantis In The Andes (1X60) (TLC), (Discovery International), Prophecies And Predictions (1X60) (TLC),(International Television), Oracles And Revelations(1X60)(TLC), (International Television) , Mr. Donovan writes frequently on politics, culture and the politics of culture for The Recovering Liberal, a web based  progressive news operation.
  • The Bridge Hotel in Tipperary town has a meeting room named the Galteemore Room.
  • Waterford City boasts Galteemore Villas
  • Annie Letitia Massy was born in Tipperary in 1897, the third child of Hugh and Ann Massy of Stagdale Lodge.  One of the things for which she is remembered is that she was a founding member of the Irish Society for the Protection of Birds.  She lived at her home 'Galteemore' in Dublin.
  • Someone who knows more about horse racing than I do has informed me that at Tipperary Horse races each year they run a Galteemore Race.
  • This exam question was more than likely set for the students at Cork Institute of Technology for the  Bachelor of Business Studies – Award ... by a walker who frequents Galteemore and Galteebeg, and Temple Hill - all peaks on the Galty mountain range.. Unfortunately the page for this Google search result is no longer available.

    Galteemore holds 30% of the shares of Galteebeg, and 60% of the shares of Temple Hill ... Galteebeg Ltd. supplied goods to Galteemore plc as follows: ...
  • For sheer ingenuity our favourite might be  the use of the name that makes people say 'Now, why didn't I think of that?' A local entrepreneur who lives at the foot of the Galtees has called his grass-cutting business Galtee Mower!
  • The following  record from the archives is from a  1927  Dáil Éireann  question time (Volume 21 - 08 November, 1927) needs no comment from me.


    Mr. FOGARTY asked the Minister for Lands and Agriculture if he will state whether it is a fact that suppliers to the Baltimore Creamery, County Tipperary, have to travel a distance of five (5) miles ...

    MINISTER for LANDS and AGRICULTURE (Mr. Hogan): I presume it is the Galteemore Creamery to which the Deputy refers. I understand that owing to the necessary closing of that Creamery for economic reasons through shortage of milk supplies, some of the suppliers have now to travel over a mile further to another Creamery, while, on the contrary, other  suppliers have now a shorter distance to travel than formerly. 

  • An eBay member with username Galteemore has a 100% transaction record!


S.S. Galtee More

Galtymore DVD from Big Tom and the Mainliners

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'The Grey Wolf of Galtymore' by Joseph E Chipperfield

Engine number ???? The Galtee More

S.S 'Galtee More'

'Galtymore' DVD

'Galtee More' Horse

'Dog from Galtymore'

Engine 'Galtee More'




Majestic snow-covered peak of Galtymore dwarfs the hikers who are attempting to climb to the summit.  (Photo John Coughlan)

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