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Canon's newest offerings in Point and Shoot                                 Ireland and UK

 Every photographer in the UK and Ireland  is raving about the latest Canon offerings in  professional 'point and shoots'  - 
 Powershot SX10 IS and the SX1 IS.
Canon Powershot SX10 IS Ireland


      SX10 Features:    Powershot SX10 IS  Ireland

  • 20x wide-angle optical zoom, optical IS        It's not a mistake.  It really does have 20x zoom and wide angle!! And the IS stands for IMAGE STABILISATION.  When looking for Image Stabilisation, make sure you get Optical IS.  Some cameras simply increase the ISO setting and call it Image Stabilisation. 
  • 10.0 Megapixels   There are debates raging as to whether or not a camera with the size of sensor in this range of cameras actually benefits from 10 Mega Pixels but its what everyone asks when you say 'I bought a digital camera'.  'How many mega pixels?'  If you really want to go megapixel mad and can afford the Canon G10.  That baby has almost 15 megapixels.  But, the truth is.... you won't need them, and they might even introduce 'noise' into your photos.
  • DIGIC 4   A huge leap from the Digic 2 we were all raving about a few short years ago. 
  • Advanced Face Detection and anti-blur technology
  • Full manual control     This feature will make professionals out of all of us and will even have professionals coming into the SX10 IS market!
  • 2.5” wide vari-angle LCD   The vari-angle LCD screen is one of the features that makes Canon so unique.  Indispensible if you are trying to get a shot over the heads of a crowd. Hold camera high with the vari-angle LCD facing downwards and you can even take movies in that position without problem.
  • Multi Control Dial and My Menu
  • i-Contrast
  • Movies with stereo sound.  It is claimed that the movies from the Canon Poweshot SX10 IS and the Powershot SX1 IS are just as good as from a top-end cam-corder.

 One of the big news specifications for the SX1 IS is the new CMOS sensor.  I'm going with the SX10 IS until othes have checked out the CMOS for me.  You'll sound very knowledgable if you pronounce it properly:  'see-moss'


Powershots SX10 IS Ireland Front View

 I've already ordered my Canon Powershot SX10 IS.

 Powershot Canon Ireland SX10 IS SX1 IS
Canon Ireland Powershot Sx10 IS SX1 IS

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