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This site is dedicated to all things named Galteemore...Galtee More...or Galtymore.

Galteemore (also spelled Galtymore) is, at 919 metres, the highest peak on the Galtee mountain range in South Tipperary. The Galtee (or Galty) range forms the northern boundary of the famous Galty-Vee Valley and the southern boundary of the equally famous Glen of Aherlow. Part of the Galty range extends into Cork and Limerick.

Galteemore is flattish peak to right of centre
Rich Grasslands of South Tipperary with Galteemore in background. (Photo: Galteemore.com)

(Wonderful Panoramic view of Galty_Vee Valley here!)

The menu at left lists some of the areas where we have found the name Galtymore or 'Galteemore'.  Books, Ships, Trains, Horses have all carried the famous name, and have helped make the name famous. We welcome any information relevant to the site and we will answer all emails and add any such information to these pages. The pictures below will also guide you to the pages.  If you are sending photos, please email first so we don't delete them by mistake as spam. 





Photo information: The banner picture (top of this page) was created by using the 'stitch' feature in a digital camera.  Six photos have been 'stitched' to create this panoramic view of the 20 mile long mountains.

 Galteemore Galtymore Clogheen Kilworth Mitchelstown Fermoy


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This is the cross that crowns the summit of Galteemore.  

galtymorecross.jpg (86165 bytes)

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S.S. Galtee More

Galtymore DVD from Big Tom and the Mainliners

galteemorehorseclr.jpg (176531 bytes) 

'The Grey Wolf of Galtymore' by Joseph E Chipperfield

Engine number ???? The Galtee More

S.S 'Galtee More'

'Galtymore' DVD

'Galtee More' Horse

'Dog from Galtymore'

Engine 'Galtee More'



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